Steve as his mates see him... Part 1

One of the real joys about being a cartoonist is getting to know your fellow cartoonists. Having the opportunity to meet so many of one's talented colleagues from all parts of the world is exciting enough... but it's even moreso when they all start taking the mickey out of each other! Steve reasons that if he can dish it out, he should be able to take it! Here are some of the best ones:

Tony Rafty is possibly one of the most prolific caricaturists in Australia and has certainly drawn more caricatures than almost anyone... and they're all brilliant!

Between 1988 and 1999, Steve served on the Board of the Australian Cartoonists' Association, the professional association for Australian cartoonists. Rafty also served on the Board for many years. This caricature (below) was drawn during one of the ACA's Board meetings in about 1990.

In 1992, Steve was elected ACA President.

The State Library of NSW held, until 1994, an exhibition every year which showcased the best cartoons, caricatures and newspaper illustrations in conjunction with Stanley Awards for Media Art. In 1992, it was Steve's turn to introduce the show, nervously preceding the legendary "Rampaging" Roy Slaven (John Doyle). Of course, Rafty was there, scribbling away. Here's the result:


The next time Rafty's pen caught Steve (below left) was at a "roast" for Eric Jolliffe, one of Australian cartooning's elder statesmen, who turned 90 in 1997. It was a fun night which, unfortunately, proved to be the last outing for Steve's good friend Cole Buchanan - he died in May from the recurrence of a brain tumor.

Of course, with the room being full of cartoonists, Rafty wasn't the only cartoonist having a go at Steve that night. The Australian's Bill Leak made the most of it while Steve was listening to one of the speakers (above right). It is, actually, Steve's favourite of the lot... cruel, but in a realistically fluid way. Bill is an extremely talented artist and has deserved every single award he's received over the years.



More biting stabs at Steve's receding hairline to follow...