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It's been universally proven that humour sells just as well as sex does... well, almost.

Getting a point across about what would otherwise be a dull, boring subject can be made that much easier by employing humour. Thousands of keynote speakers at umpteen conferences will attest to the benefits of tickling that old funny bone. For example, selling travel insurance can be made just that little bit more interesting if presented in a humorous way:



The cartoon on the left accompanied an article (in the Australian Journal of Pharmacy) on the daily perils running a pharmacy in the face of a rapidly ageing clientele. The setting was a no-brainer, with the article's opening line being "Age... the final frontier" and the pop-culture reference was a big hit with the magazine's readership.

Yet another application for a cartoon was as an educational tool in a miner's safety handbook (right). It was part of a series of cartoons emphasizing the various points made in the text... a bit like "good cop, bad cop", where the text was deadly serious and the cartoon lightened the tone, yet both made the same point.


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