Presentation Caricatures - Part 3

It's all very well seeing caricatures of well-known celebrities and politicians, but what about Phil in the office, or someone's Mum & Dad? How accurate are the likenesses?

Well, the photo below is of Gordon Cairns, CEO of Lion Nathan, the guys who brew Tooheys and Hahn beer. Gordon, a mad Scotsman had successfully secured the buyout of a company ahead of his rivals, whom he named "The Peanuts".

The client, a large law firm that had negotiated the deal, wanted to present Gordon with a caricature in recognition of his success as a "nutcracker". So, they liked the idea of him doing "the highland fling" on a bunch of peanuts. Naturally, the drawing had to incorporate the Lion Nathan logo, the Scottish motif "Nemo Me Impune Lacesset" and Gordon wearing Scottish national dress! The caricature eventually found its way onto a commemorative edition of James Squire Original Amber Ale, distributed around the office and amongst clients, in recognition of Gordon's retirement from Lion Nathan.


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