This page features some caricatures of well-known faces, usually created for magazines and newspapers. There are other types of caricatures I create, usually for corporate gifts, birthdays, functions & events etc., so click on the links below to have a look!

Presentation Caricatures

On-the-Spot Caricatures


Not wanting to take anything away from photographers, sometimes magazines and newspapers require a little more personality than a photo can deliver, or perhaps they want the image to carry either a symbolic or satirical message. That's where caricatures come in. They can not only define or accentuate certain characteristics, they can also tell a story or give a little more insight into a person.

Here are some recent examples:



Australia's original singing cowboy!


(380mm x 240mm, gouache, ink and wax pencil)


Left: MR. BEAN

An unusual experience, caricaturing a character as opposed to a real person (i.e. Rowan Atkinson). The exaggeration that a caricaturist normally brings out has already been done by the actor - so in essence Steve was caricaturing a caricature! (130mm x 200mm, gouache and ink)


One of Australian cartooning's true "godfathers", Rigby was guest of honour at the 2006 Stanley Awards. For many cartoonists, this was their first chance to meet the great man whose work had a major influence on them. Sadly, Rigby died just ten days later. This caricature was originally created for a promotional brochure for the cartoonists' weekend, but has now accompanied obituaries for Rigby in Inkspot and the Walkley Magazine.(170mm x 260mm, ink and computer colour)

(All artwork ©2007 Noz Productions)

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